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Maybe politicians don’t understand the debt ceiling, or maybe it’s worse than that Opinion BY TODD KELLY MAY 23, 2023
Ky’s 6th District represented by a financial services lobbyist posing as a Congressman BY TODD KELLY NOVEMBER 11, 2022
With Supreme Court ruling, Ky is now a forced-birth state; birth control, gay marriage up next. BY TODD KELLY JUNE 27, 2022
Never has so much been made of fifth place. Riley Gaines and the politics of grievance. | Opinion BY TODD KELLY SEPTEMBER 25,
‘Bridging’ political divides is more complicated than Matt Jones makes it | Opinion BY TODD KELLY AUGUST 11, 2023
Rep. Andy Barr needs to explain his support of Marjorie Taylor Greene to constituents BY TODD KELLY UPDATED FEBRUARY 05, 2021
Rep. Barr’s writing on Israel-Hamas conflict ignores both facts and history BY TODD KELLY DECEMBER 05, 2023
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